The Rise of Financial Coaching

Gold Standard Financial Wellness Company delivers financial education programs in the workplace through three different channels; written content, group workshops, and personal financial coaching.  The trend with financial wellness programs in the workplace is tilting toward something more specific and relatable.  Cookie cutter programs are just not proving to be effective anymore.  Each employee is at different life stages which presents many different financial landscapes.  In addition, all people are not at the same skill level when it comes to managing money.  How do you meet people where they are at individually?  Here is where personal financial coaching comes in.

Giving employees access to meet one-on-one with a financial coach is where a company will get the biggest return on their investment.  This is where change happens.  Most people are not satisfied with where they are at financially.  Even if they know what to do, they still are not doing it.  It all boils down to mindset and beliefs around money that produce the results.  Through the coaching process, things a person wants to change are identified, barriers are broken down, and a plan is mapped out to get where they want to go.  The coach helps them see how thoughts and beliefs shape the financial position they are in.  When a mindset shift occurs, changes kick into gear and goals start to become truly achievable.

Financial wellness programs and the services it provides are new concepts.  When people are presented with something unfamiliar, there seems to be apprehension around it.  To ensure the program gets utilized, it is important that the organization promotes it from the top.  It is helpful to hold a presentation or written communication explaining what financial coaching is and how it can help.  This helps people feel more comfortable in utilizing the service.

Gold Standard Financial Wellness Company’s owner and founder, Amy Vetrone, is a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.  Her background in banking allowed her to get involved in financial literacy efforts statewide.  In 2016, she was named Banker of the Year by the Wisconsin Bankers Association for her work in providing financial literacy programs to all ages.  In 2017, she testified in both assembly and senate hearings in favor of a financial literacy bill making personal finance a requirement in K-12 schools.  That bill was signed into law by Governor Walker on November 30, 2017.  Amy is passionate about adults and helping them achieve their financial goals.  Contact her today to cultivate a financial wellness program within your organization at