Make 2018 the Year of a Wealthier You

As a year ends and a new one begins, there is a feeling of renewed spirit in the air.  Starting over with a clean slate, a second chance, new beginnings; you vow to make some changes for the better.  But that motivation quickly dwindles.  By January 15, those thoughts of changing are a thing of the past.  Suddenly those old habits that you wanted to kick to the curb have settled back in for another year.

Perhaps the changes you resolved to make were not realistic.  The goals were too lofty and without a clear plan, it is much easier to abandon them all together.  Before all hope is lost, try a different approach.  Make 2018 your year of becoming a wealthier you.  The key to making this plan stick is to set small, achievable goals.  Let’s focus on saving more of your hard-earned money.  The secret to building wealth is keeping a portion of what you earn.  It is not what you make, but what you keep.  Here are the first steps to getting started:

  • Pay yourself first. On payday, put 10% of your paycheck into savings.  This savings account should be separate so you may need to open another account for this purpose.
  • Make it automatic. Set up a transfer either directly at your bank, online, or through a mobile banking app.  This ensures that a payment to yourself is never missed.
  • Treat these funds as sacred. This is not a fun fund or an emergency fund.  This is your ticket to financial freedom.  If you start dipping into this fund, the money will quickly be withered away and your diligence in saving will be for nothing.
  • Watch it grow. Just seeing these funds accumulate month after month, year after year, builds confidence, momentum, and financial security.

This time next year you will be better off financially if you stick to this small change.  You can do this.

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