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Bringing financial literacy to the workplace

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Provide business owners with a financial wellness program that enhances employee engagement and productivity as a result of reducing financial stress in employees’ lives.

Financial Wellness Defined

Financial wellness is a state of possessing financial confidence. When a person reaches financial capability, they have created a plan for the unexpected, their future, and building wealth and consistently act on that plan.

Amy Vetrone, CFEI - Owner & Founder

I welcome you to Gold Standard.  I created this company with the working people in mind.  In the spend economy we live in, it is tough to make ends meet.  Through better information, I can help people get on track with their finances.  Financial wellness in the workplace is how Gold Standard is helping business owners and the working class.

I previously worked in the banking industry.  During my time in banking, I quickly developed a passion for financial education.  I was the recipient of the Banker of the Year award in 2016 for my work with youth, adults and the elderly.  I serve on the board with the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation which promotes financial literacy. In May and August of 2017, I testified at Assembly and Senate hearings in favor of a financial literacy bill, AB280, that will require school districts to teach financial literacy in K-12.  This is the shortest bill ever introduced and it gives school districts the flexibility to choose how they implement financial literacy into curriculum.  I am proud of the progress our great state of Wisconsin is making in helping our future leaders gain financial skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

I am a wife and a mother.  Family is first and foremost in my life.  When a person’s finances are a mess their relationships suffer.  I want to help people in this area so that they, too, can experience strong and enriching relationships with those they care about most.